Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this? Are you guys a record company or something?
A. We are not so much a record company as we are a group of musicians and musical enthusiasts who generally try to help each other by going to live shows, drinking a lot, and making as much noise as possible. We also tend to play on one another’s recorded endeavours when the need arises.  The website is designed to make music and news about the respective artists easily accessible.

Q. Can I send you a demo and maybe get a record deal?
A. We love to receive new music in the mail, but this is really not a business . . . Well it is a business technically, but not a good one. Probably better to contact someone else. If you are playing in Atlanta feel free to let us know and if we can we will try to make the show.

Q. Why don’t some of your artists have music for sale?
A. Another purpose of what we are doing here is to archive some of the random small bands and side projects that we were in for a couple of months (or days) for future generations. More of an exercise in narcissism than anything, but some of the best music tends to come about when you’re not expecting it. Which leads to the next question . . .

Q. What’s the deal with the sound quality of the music on this site? Some sounds like it was professionally engineered and some sounds like it was recorded in a a dumpster.
A. Due to the realities of a life dedicated to playing music, the most interesting performances do not always result from expensive microphones and multiple takes. Much of the music here falls under the category of “first-take wonders.” Chances are if the sound quality is horrible then you are listening to either a first demo or a recording of the moment when a song was created.

Q. What do I get when I purchase the MP3 version of an album?
A. You get high quality MP3s of the songs on the album in a handy zip file, along with any album art that is available. After your purchase is complete, download the zip file and extract it into the folder where you save your music.

Q. What do I get when I purchase a CD?
A. You get the CD with original packaging and artwork. Packages vary from “hand made” small-run productions to traditional mass-produced CDs with professional printing.

Q. When is (band name here) playing? I want to find out more about them.
A. Check the artist’s main page. If they maintain their own website, the most up to date information will be located there. We will try to keep upcoming shows updated in the news section, but sometimes shows will slip through the cracks.