Shows for March and April

March 9th, 2010

Here are some upcoming shows that you will not want to miss:

Wednesday, 3/10/2010 9:00 PM
Lesbian Afternoon w / Casper & The Cookies and Timmy Tumble
Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA
Cost: $5 (21+) $7 (18-20)

Wednesday, 3/17/2010 9:00 PM
Lesbian Afternoon w / Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Tous Les Jour
Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA
Cost: $5

Tour Dates!
Untied States
will be on tour in March and April 2010
Click here for dates near you…

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Lesbian Afternoon playing at 529 Club in East Atlanta

February 7th, 2010

Lesbian Afternoon will be performing a set of old favorites and new hits at the 529 Club in East Atlanta on Thursday, February 25 with Water Liars and The Clap.

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Hello old friends

January 11th, 2010

We’d like to officially welcome The Internationals to the Foul Country family. The boys in the band have been with us for a long time, but this new incarnation is something special. Check out some sample tracks from their new CD “Live at Smith’s Olde Bar” then go ahead and buy yourself a copy.

Better yet, if you are in Atlanta, stop by Smith’s Olde Bar on January 20th where they will be performing live with the Danny Family and get your copy in person.

YouTube Preview Image

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Untied States at the EARL

January 10th, 2010

Untied States will be playing a show at the EARL Friday, January 22nd with Liverhearts and Vincas.

Order tickets in advance here

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Weeeeeeeeeeeen… on the Jane Pratt Show

January 10th, 2010

I thought Gene and Dean were playing with the live band by the time Chocolate and Cheese came out, but this may have pre-dated the album release. Either way, it’s a great performance of “Freedom of ’76″ and the interview at the beginning is pretty hilarious.

YouTube Preview Image

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Death Metal Rooster — LIVE!

January 9th, 2010

Ok, I don’t know what the story on this guy is, but I would pay to see him live. He’s got the attitude and the look…

YouTube Preview Image

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Unsilvered Mirrors

December 22nd, 2009

Two very cool new videos of the track “Unsilvered Mirrors” from Untied States ‘ new album Instant Everything, Constant Nothing. The first video was performed live in the studios of the Digital Arts Entertainment Lab for the WRAS | indieATL music series. The Second is the official promotional video from US’s new record label Distile.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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The Danny Family LIVE with the Internationals

December 17th, 2009

The Danny Family will be opening for the Internationals at the release party for their new CD “Live! From Smith’s Olde Bar”. There will be a few surprise guests throughout the evening and you’ll have a chance to get your own copy of this incredible new album.

When: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @ 8:00 PM
Where: Smith’s Olde Bar, 1578 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30324-5232 ~ (404) 875-1522‎

Tickets are $10 at the door or $8 in advance. Click here to pre-order.

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Amazing soundboard alternate mixes

December 11th, 2009

This is a great example of how much a good sound man can help your playing…

YouTube Preview Image

And a Santana jazz odyssey…

YouTube Preview Image

And an alternate version of Star Wars…

YouTube Preview Image

These have been floating around for a while now, but I just found the source — they are all done by StSanders — and he has a great website with an entire library of these videos.

Finally I will leave you with a new take on a classic Stones video…

YouTube Preview Image

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Galleon has Faith

June 12th, 2008

For those of uninitiated to the mysterious magic of a live Galleon! show, please check out this video from the annual 500 Songs for Kids show at Smith’s Olde Bar. 500 bands are asked to come out and perform one song to help various children’s hospitals around the country. Click here for more information.

And now Galleon!‘s version of George Michael’s “Faith.”

YouTube Preview Image

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