Nobody Told Me

April 17th, 2006

Nobody Told Me is a new live track from the Danny Family set to appear on a forthcoming album tentatively titled “Back in the Shack.”

Nobody Told Me (Live)

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Retail Detail

February 15th, 2006

Untied States have a new album called Retail Detail. You should buy it. You can get it here or try and sweet talk your way into a free one at the CD release party at the EARL on Friday, February 24th.

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The Chimptations

November 8th, 2005

The Chimptations are back!

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Bang a Lesbian Gong

June 7th, 2005

A new batch of Gong Fodder and Lesbian Afternoon mp3s as well another Lesbian Afternoon video have just been posted. Go to the artist pages for the tracks and see the video below.

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La La Song

October 25th, 2004

SKÜRJ have a friendly new tune adapted from the soundtrack of Bobby the Bi-Polar Bear and the Out to Lunch radio program in Baltimore.

La La Song

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Fake Rabbit

August 25th, 2004

Listen to some songs from SKÜRJ‘s newest CD, Fake Rabbit.

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