Untied States

Ineffable, By Design
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Sample tracks from this Album:
I'll Prove You Wrong (Again)
These Means to An End are Sure to End Me

Bird of a Blood Feather
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Sample tracks from this Album:
You Can Do Any Mind You Put Your Thing To
You're So Effortlessly Flammable (I Know It's Not Your Fault)

Untied States are putting the finishing touches on their latest effort, Instant Everything, Constant Nothing, which will be coming out soon on Distile Records of Paris. This newest album is another giant step forward in the evolution of their sound, employing an even wider array of electronic sound mixed with devastatingly orchestrated punk rock riffs and love generation backing vocals. The energy of an Untied States’ live performance only adds to the brilliant song-writing and massive sound that these gentlemen can create on record, so be sure to put one onto your calendar.

“Noise can be a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong person’s hands. Not quite avant-garde, not quite experimental, the noise-rock trio UNTIED STATES fill space as efficiently as any act on the local scene. Bells, bent strings, feverishly beaten drums, distressed vocals and synthesizer wails crash and bang before flourishing into hook-based punk melodies… Not only does the music drop jaws, but the band gives away copies of its self-released debut, Bird of the Blood Feather. How’s that for anti-establishment?”

–Critic’s Choice for Best Avant-Something-or-Other Act
Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta

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Untied States are:
Colin Arnstein–brain/heart
Skip Engelbrecht –heart/brain
Darren Tablan-balance beam
Satchel Mallon-exploded rhythms
Phillip Frobos-Bass/Guts/Spleen

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