The Fred Reese

The Fred Reese
Sample tracks from this Album:
I Like Crazytrain

Lance Manyon and Brenda Davis from Cabbagetown’s The Fred Reese used to live across the hall from the soon to be patron saint of their new as yet un-named band. One day there was a knock on the door and as Manyon cracked it open to see who was there, a pale, withered arm reached into the apartment with a can of Lysol spraying full blast. Apparently the smells emanating from the Manyon/Davis unit were overpowering the constant smell of bacon originating from Fred’s own kitchen across the hall. He had come over not just to help the boys with their odor problem, but to also ask Manyon if he could run by the liquor store for a gallon of Canadian Mist.

Father to some. Friend to others. Son of gun. Part-time fighter. Full-time lover. Sir Fred Reese. The Wall is the Word. The Word is the Wall.

The Fred Reese are:
Lance Manyon — Keyboards
Brenda Davis — Bass
Staxx Chesterwicke — Guitar
Maelstrom Volvano — Guitar, Vox
C.C. Delta Pinoche — Vox
Fred Reese Jr.– Drums