After Dark Cabaret
Sample tracks from this Album:
Flight 209
The Closest Thing

If you never had the chance to enjoy a Stepdaugther performance, you missed out on one of the most extraordinary displays of inebriated musical virtuosity mixed with fire-breathing and explosions ever seen in a venue with a dropped ceiling (or a stadium for that matter). The group’s founders, Lance Manion and Stacks Chesterwick, still perform songs from the Stepdaughter era (see Jody Abernathy and the Internationals), but they have recently taken a turn stylistically down the country road. Fortunately, we have been allowed the pleasure of presenting a few choice cuts from their first self titled cd.

Stacks Chesterwick– Lead Guitar, Vox

Lance Manion — Lead Vox, Guitar
Brick Badcock — Bass, Vox
The Snake Doctor — Drums, Vox