Bobby the Bi-Polar Bear
Sample tracks from this Album:
La La Song

Fake Rabbit
Sample tracks from this Album:
The Bird Flu
No Fear, Man

Gops and Gooblins
Sample tracks from this Album:
Hear My Screaming
80's (Barry White)

In a West Baltimore basement,  Skürj was born screaming and cursing in the late 1990’s. Mixing the sounds of everything with an improvisational hip-hop attitude the stew began to boil, but with boiling stew came tragedy…

Following the death of original guitarist Dale, Unclearctica and I.C. Grey were soon joined by Tweet Lung (Twing Liddy) on guitar and MAC (the M.A.C.C.P) on the mic. Practically every weekend since then they have met to record groundbreaking new material while under the influence. Now with a catalog of around 500 or more songs Skürj has become a legend in their own minds. It is not uncommon to hear members or close friends quoting obscure lyrics from many of their classic tunes.

Aside from making music for the cool kids, Skürj has also written songs for numerous Baltimore radio shows.

Currently you can hear them wrecking it on Baltimore’s Out to Lunch with Steve the Thrill Hill. They can also be heard playing live around the Baltimore / D.C. Metro area on deliciously late occasions. Their brand new disc, Fake Rabbibt, has been released just in time for Easter.

Tons of Skürj mp3s are available for download for free here.

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