Lesbian Afternoon

Eyes of the Future Blink at Your Doorstep
Sample tracks from this Album:
All Applaud the Astral Tower
Muddy Revolver

My Brain Does it For Me
Sample tracks from this Album:
Celebrities in Space
The Montreal Crying Lizard

Yet Untitled Forthcoming Album
Sample tracks from this Album:
Shoegaze Bridge
Amsterdam 1980
String Bean Theory
South of Vision

Lesbian Afternoon is a one-man-band of constantly rotating players led by Mike Koenig (Bob, Gong Fodder, etc). Rewriting the book on how to give birth to memorable experimental pop songs, L.A. has been making records since 1997 but in 2002 upgraded his home studio to record onto crispy digital 8 track. The magic really started to flow through the room when the ‘record’ button was pushed and fingers began moving over a hillside of strings. Channeling psychedelia, dance, & country. For fans of My Bloody Valentine, Pavement, Ween, Polvo, Beck & quiet walks on the beach. Rock the L.A. tonight!

Lesbo Guardian, June 2003:

The newest Lesbian adventure finds 27 zany tracks of experimental pop spread out over an hour’s worth of music. Slightly more song oriented and acoustic-y than ‘my brain does it for me’, ‘eyes of the future..’ still bathes in a wild spectrum of styles and sounds (backwards pianos, barking electronic dogs, found sounds and jingle bells, sped up vocals & a pyramid of uncles). Your 2 little ears never felt so lucky!

Pitchforkmedia.com, September 2002:

A delicious sampler of sorts from the almighty Lesbian. 36 tracks squeezed out over 70 minutes. The record’s bloody brilliant sequencing makes it comparable to a mixed cd featuring all kinds of music. Sometimes daring, sometimes humorous – always entertaining. who knew guitars/drums/vocals/keyboards/nature had so much range? Lesbian Afternoon did. Includes the now legendary 13 minute sound collage that will change the way you look at the world.

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