Gong Fodder

Gong Fodder
Sample tracks from this Album:
All my friends wear big stars over their heads
Stoner Novel Mystery Mix
Robots Smoke

Gong Fodder: You’ve seen the extravagant ‘Welcome Home’ banners hung up all over town for these international heroes of psychedelic god-rock… Cabbagetown-by-way-of-Cologne’s hottest new outfit just got back from their sleighbell-driven Comedy On Your Feet tour, where they co-headlined several European festivals with such luminaries as Sonic Youth, Unwound, Polvo, TFUL282 & My Bloody Valentine.

This was Gong Fodder, an eclectic super-group of sorts, featuring ex-members of The Rock*A*Teens, Blame Game & Bob (and currently rocking out in Ladies Night and Lesbian Afternoon).

Here is a review of a historic Gong Fodder Show by Mr. HCI:

“It`s always a bit scary when someone you`ve known casually for a few years says, when you arrive at the club, “Hey! My band is playing tonight!” (paraphrased, of course). That`s what Mike Last-name-unknown said when I walked up to the door at The EARL. Hell, I didn`t even know he could play an instrument. Then again, some might say it`s debatable whether I can play one and I`d be hardpressed to disagree though I could point out that it never stopped me from being in a band.

Anyhow, Mike`s band is GONG FODDER and the drummer used to play in The Rock*a*Teens, a local band I never saw but who apparently loved to drench their recordings in way too much reverb as everything I used to hear on the radio was just a wash of washiness. He also plays (played?) guitar in a cool instro-combo called Ladies` Night who I saw a year or so ago but have not seen since as, with a name like that, it`s often hard to tell if they`re playing or if it really is ladies` night at the bar. Gong Fodder were pretty cool. They made me want to drop my head and dance like I was in a Peanuts cartoon. There was no bass player but the two guitarists made enough cool sounds that things sounded “full” without that unpleasant bloating and swelling. All three sang and Mike did most of the snakey lead guitar work whilst the other guy played oddly chorded rhythmy stuff. They reminded me quite a bit of Japan`s Puka Puka Brians but they`d never heard of them and neither have most folks, I`d guess. Yep. There I go being deliberately obscure. OK, fine, I`ll be less obscure, to their detriment: They reminded me most of Stryper and Survivor with luscious, Alabama-style harmonies. There. Happy????”

Gong Fodder are:
MK Vodka – gtr/vox/drums
Matt ‘where’s my PBR’ McCalvin – gtr/vox/drums
Justin Davis Hughes III – drums/vox/gtr