Sample tracks from this Album:
We Go On
I Strut

It’s very important that you listen to local band Gloryfinger’s strange, lo-fi, 22-minute debut EP after working three shifts at a downtown restaurant job and swilling five warm ales.

Ballard Lesemann, Flagpole Magazine

Gloryfinger existed in the late nineties/early 2000s and was known to play with anywhere from 3-12 members depending on who was in town. Pulled together from members of The Fred Reese and Tractorneck (among various others), Gloryfinger was known as much for their strange poppy dirges as for the odd backup singers that that consistently stole the show with their freakishly stylish attire. Imagine Nazareth with a chorus of Las Vegas cocktail dancers and you pretty much have the picture.

The debut self entitled  EP was well received on local college radio with two singles “We Go On” and “I Strut” making regular rotation on several stations. The band also enjoyed its fair share of controversy for constantly breaking guitar strings and consistently singing off-key.

Bo Freeze — Bass
Brent “Meter Beast” Kelly — Drums
Matt Holton — Keyboard
Brenda Davis — Bass
Jason Norris — Guitar, Vox
C.C. Delta Pinoche — Vox
Kerry Kirwin — Vox
Joe Binns — Drums
Andrew Hodges — Pedal Steel
Lance Manyon — Keyboard
Staxx Chesterwick — Guitar