Double Album

The Singles
Sample tracks from this Album:
In Blue
When You Come To Me
Foul Country Whore
Softly Now

Double Album is the umbrella name for a variety of solo 4-track recordings and late night sessions made by various members of the Foul Country family that were too crude for any band to assume responsibility. These works were often created under the harshest of conditions and vary widely stylistically, ranging from sleep deprived dirges to lo-fi Bee-Gees speed metal.

The idea for the band came up one early morning after recording a 12 hour jam session when an enthusiastic participant suggested that the just-recorded songs be released that afternoon since there were plenty of useable tracks on the tape. Everyone agreed and it was then proposed that all of the just recorded songs be released that afternoon as a box set retrospective since it was all pretty much solid gold.

After a 15 minute break it was decided that there were enough good tracks for a double album, a compromise was made, and the proper forms were notarized. It was only after this decision was made that it was discovered that in actuality only one of the songs from the evening was recorded, and that particular song was not very good. So to honor the spirit of the millions of songs that have been lost to the void of space over the centuries, the group decided to simply be called Double Album and that the goal should be to release one take wonders and pet songs (as singles) that the other guys in your band refused to play.