The Danny Family

Back in the Shack
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Nobody Told Me

Look Away Little Girl
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The Man Underneath the Bed
I Deny

The Danny Family play a forgotten brand of country music inspired by the great country pimp, Conway Twitty. They got together back in Randy’s back yard a few years back in his shack and started doing some country numbers and thought it was fun. After Lil’ Donny got in to a brawl with Toby Keith the family burned out on Nashville for a while. Now they do what they can to keep the electricity on by playing at whatever campground or house of burlesque will take them.

Look Away Little Girl is the first full-length album from the band featuring eight tracks of honky-tonk goodness. It tells the story of a confused young man who seeks out his fortune in the dank asbestos-insulated corners of his mind, only to find that what he thought he didn’t want may be exactly what he needed . . . and  you can order it here, available in CD and MP3 format

Here is a quote from Frederick Noble of Creative Loafing about the Danny Family at the Second Day of the Second Occurrence of the Last Annual Mullet Fest:

“The Danny Family entertained the dining room, kicking off with a guest vocalist, the lovely and talented Patty Danny, doing a fine version of the national anthem. The band moved on into the country — music, that is — and honky-tonk sounds that were perfect background music for a plate of hangover helper huevos. In a joking reference to the headline act, the Family threw in a lazy country version of a chorus or two of Tag Team’s ‘Whoomp! There It Is.’”

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VP Randall, Lil' Donny, and Glenn