Look What the Chimp Dragged In
Sample tracks from this Album:
I'm Playing Trumpet
Chimp Phoetus

The miracle of the Chimptation’s music is it’s raw fecality. At the heart of every song is an ideal. Not always benevolent, but never accusing.

Members of the Chimptations forged an alliance with a “music at all costs, at no matter” credo that launched them into a primate-rock-inspired freeform renaissance. Alluding to the roots of standard song structure, they leave little to the listener’s imagination. Formed in the Spring of 2001, their debut at Atlanta’s Metro rehearsal space in early July thrust them immediately into the spotlight, spawning a slew of “chimitators” trying to tag along with the new sound. Their first release entitled Look What the Chimp Dragged In is an amalgam of styles and senselessness.

Chimptations Members:
J High — Bass, Trumpet, Vox
M Volvano — Guitar, Vox
Lancelot Link — Drums, Vox
B Davis — Bass, Guitar, Vox
S Ertz — Guitar
J Kerry — Guitar
CCD Pinoche — Vocals, Percussion