Bo Freeze

Whatever You Want
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Miracle Pussy
Ride a High Horse

Bo Freeze’s solo debut Whatever You Want is a rock masterpiece that showcases a wide range of styles in the pop/rock/country universe. Freeze is well known for his lyrical mastery and melodic sensibility, and this album displays the same power that he trademarked with his previous ventures as a member of Athens, GA’s Tractorneck and Atlanta-based Gloryfinger.

The official Flagpole review:

This is big, loud, superior overdrive rock. Local musical personality (and Sabbath-era Ozzy interpreter par excellence) Bo Freeze guides the familiar vocal/guitar/bass/drums format into a glorious new era thanks to an uncanny ability with timing. His well-placed lyrical turns and swinging sense of riffage catapult this 14-song set clear across the competition.

Standout tracks include “Slouches,” about, well, slouches immortalized with the cleverest of rhymes and “Dark Father” which just smokes. The production is detailed and clear and the musicians, a rotating cast of Athens’ finest and loudest including Sci Fu on “Bob,” are all top-notch. And boy those amps are pushed to capacity. Rock is back, and this one is never gonna leave us again.

Erik Hinds
Flagpole Magazine

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